Technology Consulting

Today, reliable software and technology solutions are fundamentals of nearly every modern and growing business. Your business thrives when it has a solid foundation of technology to drive you to the next level and separate your products and services from the competition. We provide experienced consultants who learn your business in detail and help you create and execute a plan to grow with software and technology that is within your budget.

Is consulting right for you?

As companies grow and technology changes, it's difficult to keep up with both. Bringing in an outside resource who spends their time focused on how technology is evolving and how that impacts businesses as they grow is a great way to accelerate your internal efforts. Whether you are moving to Kubernetes, moving to cloud based hosting, or re-engineering your internal software to a microservice architecture, the experienced consultants at Seven Hills Technology will provide guidance and experience along the way.

What to Expect in Strategic Planning:

You share with us the important and relevant qualities and differentiators of your business and the challenges you face.
Together, we discuss and outline various solutions to resolve your technology roadblocks.
Once we agree on a solution and way forward, our team gets to work.

Our Development Process

1. Define
We start each development cycle by figuring out and detailing what can be done before the next release.
2. Build
After detailing, we get to work. Our engineers bring those details to life.
3. Test
Everything we release is tested, re-tested, and tested one last time.
4. Demo
You’ll see everything we’ve done, and give the final approval before we release.
5. Release
This cycles’ changes are released, and our cycle starts again.
Development Process

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