Mobile App and Web Application Development

Custom Development
Trusting Seven Hills Technology to help with your business or organization’s solution doesn’t mean you are left out of the development process! In fact, our most successful clients are those organizations and people who consider us a partner. Our Project Teams will make sure you understand the process, have the opportunity to provide feedback along the way, and get to a final product smoothly, cost-effectively, and with the highest-quality solutions.

Is custom development right for you?

Sometimes an off the shelf software package fits your needs well, but other times the investment in fitting that software into your business and integrating with your existing workflow drives the cost up in unforseen ways. For those situations, where you have a specific business need, and the off the shelf options are not quite fitting in, building custom software to fit your internal business is the cost effective and lower risk approach. By working with an experienced development partner such as Seven Hills Technology, you can drive the risk down even further and avoid additional unexpected costs.

What to Expect in Mobile App and Web Application Development

You share where your business is and, in turn, where you’d like to be in the future.
We’ll outline and define each specific task that needs to be done to meet the goals of the project.
With your guidance and review, we walk back to the start of the process and make sure everything is covered.
You test and review our proposed solution, and we’ll show you exactly how your end product is going to look and function.
We get to work, and you get results.

Our Development Process

1. Define
We start each development cycle by figuring out and detailing what can be done before the next release.
2. Build
After detailing, we get to work. Our engineers bring those details to life.
3. Test
Everything we release is tested, re-tested, and tested one last time.
4. Demo
You’ll see everything we’ve done, and give the final approval before we release.
5. Release
This cycles’ changes are released, and our cycle starts again.
Development Process

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