Government and Public Sector

government and public sector
Software in the public sector isn’t often given the love and attention it deserves. Seven Hills Technology is revolutionizing the way public software is built and maintained by bringing modern development practices, cutting-edge technology, detailed UX focus, and fully-dedicated staff members. Partnering with Seven Hills Technology for public sector work brings a fresh approach to an underserved market.

Facilitating Government Transparency and Communication

Image of Bermuda Tree Frog App

Government of Bermuda - Tree Frog

Tree Frog was created to help the Bermuda government relay information to its citizens and allow residents to communicate issues to the government. The app takes its name from the prominent Whistling Frogs that inhabit the island and grace the area with their night call.

We had the pleasure of working with students at Bermuda College during the duration of this project. Dubbed the “Workforce Development Partnership,” Seven Hills Technology had the privilege of becoming the first technology vendor to create an app in cooperation with the students. While some students had past experience in programming, many started from scratch. We started at the basics and had the students working on significant parts of the app by the conclusion of the project.

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