Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturers have the most to gain and sometimes the most to lose from their technology. Whether you are focused on their supply chain, inventory, fulfillment, or e-commerce, there are likely technology gaps in your organization. Don’t lose inventory or revenue from poor processes and bad technology.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain software can help your team in several ways. One of the most effective and easiest to implement is in the realm of order tracking and purchasing. Instead of guessing at how much you need to spend on materials, get trackable data that show trends, high/low buying times, and average cost of the materials. By having this information, you can make smarter decisions when it comes to purchasing and anything else needed to manufacture your product.

Inventory Management

If your inventory has a shelf life, you may be wasting valuable products and hurting your net profit margin. Do you have a system to track your inventory? If so, how does it integrate with the other parts of your supply chain? If you don’t have a system for inventory tracking, what’s stopping you?


Nothing makes customers less happy than missing an item from their order, delays, or failing to fulfill the order completely. If you’re not using a system for tracking your orders and fulfillment, you’re playing a game of roulette on when a major customer will go by the wayside. How are you verifying that your orders are being fulfilled?

How does technology help my organization with manufacturing?

How do I go about selecting the right technology for me and my team?

Choosing technology is difficult. Integrating it into your organization is even more difficult. Are you prepared to guide your organization though those steps?

Some things to look out for when finding technology for your manufacturing team are:

  • Ability to integrate with other systems – Is this a long-term solution?
  • Flexibility – Does it fit your process or do you have to fit within it?
  • Licensing – Does the cost scale with your use? Or is it a flat fee?