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Startups run short on money, resources, and time all-to-often. With no time to waste and no time for failures, is your startup making technology decisions that will create a lasting impact?

Set yourself up for success.

Don’t get dragged into long-term problems because of short-term desires. Make sure you’re making informed technology decisions for your startup.

Startups in particular tend to fall for the latest and greatest technology, even if it’s not fully supported. By doing this, you might be reaping some benefits of the new technology, but you might also be putting your organization in a costly position for the future.

Some tips for choosing your technology:

  1. Picking a well-supported technology is more important than picking a cutting-edge technology, unless your startup revolves around that technology (such as startups based on GPT-3).
  2. Hosting almost always costs more than expected. Budget wisely and conservatively for your ongoing costs.
  3. Development is sexy and fun, but support and stability are where your money will pay off. Make sure you have observable systems and are prepared to support them.

If you want to be a successful startup, it’s common knowledge that you have to be able to handle growth. You may have heard the terminology “right people in the right seats”, and this is incredibly important as you grow. But have you ever though about how that relates to your technology choices?

If you want your startup to stay lean and growth-minded, your need to make sure that you’ve got the right technology in the right place. Mistakes are costly and with little-to-no room for failure, a gamble on technology growth could be detrimental to your company.

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Plan ahead for efficient growth.

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