As systems have grown in complexity, so too have the number of systems used by a single organization. No one system can run an entire company. So how do you get data and other information from point A to point B? Integrations.


Why worry about integrating software? Do the benefits outweigh the cost?

Integrating software can be a tricky thing, however as technologies age it’s been getting easier and easier. With robust REST API’s built into most modern software, the ability to make two systems “talk” to each other has never been greater.

The purpose of integrations is similar to that of lean manufacturing. We only want to move data when it’s available, and the value stream should lend itself to saving your organization people-hours.

Integrations allow data to be synchronized between multiple systems, which in turn creates a shared knowledge throughout your entire software architecture. Data can be synced from the cloud to local servers, vise versa, and from peer to peer systems.

Common Integrations

Apart from integrating several pieces of software that are used internally, we frequently create integrations that generate revenue or make customers’ lives easier.

Payment Integrations

Collecting payments directly from customers isn’t anywhere as challenging as it used to be. In fact, we can typically stand up a simple payment integration within a couple of days. This will allow customers to pay for your product or service directly from your website, web app, or mobile app.

Communication Integrations

Reaching your users at the right time and place is important. Being able to automate that communication takes your customer service to another level. Communication integrations work to connect you with customers using voice calls and SMS.

Authentication Integrations

With remote work becoming popular and most organizations creating a cloud strategy, cloud authentication is becoming increasingly common. Whether you want to host your Active Directory in the cloud or use a centralized place for your user authentication, we can integrate it into your applications.

Diagnostics Integrations

Integrating your application directly into diagnostic tools will help you identify and fix problems before your users ever notice them.

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