Mergers and Acquisitions

Congratulations – mergers and acquisitions are an exciting time in business and life. With the new opportunities and ways to grow, M&A’s create tons of problems as far as integrating the two organizations. Are you prepared to complete your M&A from a technology standpoint?

Innovation & Ideation

There are several “gotchas” when it comes to bringing two or more organizations together.


The organizations involved in the merger will likely have different systems, procedures, and data. It’s critical to a smooth transition that these systems can be integrated if they are unable to be consolidated. If data isn’t consistent across your organization, you’ll be playing from behind.

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Licensing gets complicated as it is often baked into contracts. When merging with or acquiring another organization, licensing for different software and components should be a high-priority item to manage. If you’re not careful, your licensing costs may skyrocket.


It’s impossible to harp too much on security. It’s often the most neglected and the most impactful part of your technology. The organizations involved in the merger or acquisition will have different security models, different ways of handling sensitive data, and different opinions on what is the correct way forward.

The most important part of security when working through an M&A is picking a process, security model, and then having an external set of eyes audit both organizations. This way, you can take bias out of the way and focus on the best way to move forward.