Cloud Services

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Maybe your already in the cloud but you’re overwhelmed by unmanageable costs, network blackouts and constant troubleshooting calls.

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Cost Effectiveness

Identify wasteful spending and save money.

Many opportunities exist for cost savings in a typical deployment on Microsoft Azure. When moving existing infrastructure to the cloud, many optimizations are missed simply because people are unaware of the options that are available to them such as automatic or timed based scaling. Additionally, as requirements change over time and new items are created, deleted, or moved, additional waste presents itself as things are not always cleaned up and monitored appropriately. Lastly, an understanding of your current utilization of hardware is important to ensure you are not over deploying and overpaying.

Seven Hills Technology works with companies to audit their existing or planned Microsoft Azure deployments to look for opportunities for cost savings. We’ve saved some companies thousands of dollars per month by just eliminating waste and right-sizing their already deployed resources.

A crucial part of trusting a third party to host your critical infrastructure and applications is understanding what happens when things don’t go according to plan. Microsoft Azure has outages like every service, software needs updated, security is an ever changing landscape. The most pressing concerns to mitigate risk in your infrastructure and applications are stable and highly available deployments and proactive monitoring so you know when something is not right.

With proper planning for stability, and appropriate monitoring, you can be sure that your applications and critical infrastructure are running as they should. In the event of a service disruption, the right up front planning is the difference between being down and having angry customers, and staying online while services return to normal.

With Seven Hills Technology as your partner, you gain the confidence that you can weather common disruption scenarios, and know about them as they are happening, or before they happen and prevent them.

Stability & Reliability

Proactive monitoring and stable deployments.