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We’re an innovation company in Cincinnati, OH with one goal: to make your organization better through custom technology.

What We Do

You may have an idea for a mobile app. Maybe it’s more than an idea, and you’ve already started. Or maybe it’s less than an idea, and you need to find a way to improve your business through technology.

No matter the situation you are in, we’ve dealt with it before. As a true technical partner, our goal is to provide you and your business value as quickly as possible. That means analyzing, scoping, and creating custom software in bite-sized segments to minimize your risk.

No matter the purpose of the software, our passion and focus is creating unique and comfortable experiences for anyone who uses it.

Featured Work

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AFS Dealers

Cloud Management

Bermuda Tree Frog – News and Alerts

Mobile App

Who We Are

Seven Hills Technology is based in Cincinnati, Ohio–also known as the City of Seven Hills. But our story goes beyond the geography of our surroundings. We work internationally with clients of all sizes and in various industries.

As a company, we’re focused creating custom technology and software solutions that offer stability and a foundation for growth.

Our web and mobile applications are designed to help you resolve your current business challenges while preparing your business for future growth and resiliency.

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