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We're an innovation company in Cincinnati, OH with one goal: to make your organization better through custom technology.

Custom Software Development

Web Apps

Web Applications

Customize your web applications with our design-centered development and user-tested solutions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Get more information to the right people at the right time with Native iOS and Android apps.



Improve efficiencies on web and mobile by aligning your existing platforms so they can directly talk to each other.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Take advantage of a connected world by controlling and collecting data from devices like building sensors or everyday household items.

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Technology Consulting

Great partnerships require great transparency, and we’re here to help you open the ‘black box’ of technology. We offer strategic planning services to help you put structure around your technology needs, both in short-term and long-term perspectives. This clarity of where you are today and where you’re heading in the future ensures you make the right investments at the right time in solutions that will support your goals.
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Government and Public Sector

Governments and public entities rely on software 24/7 to keep the public safe and informed. We are revolutionizing public software to be beautiful and efficient, much like software created by and for private companies. Great software paves the way for greater transparency and a happier population.
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Azure Managed DevOps

Moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud is a great way to take advantage of cost efficient and highly scalable platforms but comes with a number of pitfalls that many companies find themselves falling into. A partner who knows how to avoid common pitfalls ensures you get the best value for your Microsoft Azure deployments.
Managed DevOps

Technical Expertise Meets Creativity

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At Seven Hills Technology, our approach is built on a foundation of technical expertise, but we know that the real value and understanding begins when you see the way a mobile app or technology solution actually works and can impact your business. Meet the team of experts at Seven Hills ready to help you accelerate to the next level.

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