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Glen Nesbit is an IT and Cybersecurity professional who served in the US Navy, became a DoD contractor and now serves as the SOC Supervisor at Total Quality Logistics. Glen tells us about his career and shares some information on how individuals and businesses can become more secure.
Adoption of cloud services like Microsoft Azure is accelerating year over year. Around half of all workloads and data are already in a public cloud, with small businesses expanding rapidly and expecting up to 70% of their systems to be in a public cloud within the next 12 months. Are you sure your data is secure?
In this short article I would like to show you one example of High Cohesion and Low Coupling regarding Software Development. Imagine that you have a REST API that have to manage Users, Posts and Private Message between users. One way of doing it would be like the following example: As you can see, the […]
You’ve identified the need for new software for your organization. You want it built and maintained but don’t have the knowledge, time, or ability to hire and manage a software staff. So how do you go about finding a software development company for your project? Step 1: Search for Existing Software The first step in […]
Custom software is a great way to increase efficiency and revenue for your organization. However, creating custom software means more risk for you. Here are a few common problems to avoid when building your next mobile or web app. 1. Cost Overrun One of the biggest challenges of custom software development is gathering requirements. The process […]
So, you want to build some software. But where do you start? Maybe you’re not ready to take on the large task of hiring a team internally. Of all the options out there for building your software, two of the most common are staff augmentation and project-based consulting. So what’s best for you, staff augmentation […]